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Ransomware: From Rags to Riches

By Chris Payne, Senior Technical Consultant, Infinigate UK

Ransomware has dominated cyber-security headlines in more recent months but in actuality it is a crime that has been demanding our attention for over 10 years.

This whitepaper will explore how ransomware methods and malware have evolved into a sophisticated business model for cyber-criminals and how you can prepare for a potential attack.

By downloading this whitepaper, you can learn:

  • Why ransomware usage has increased by 3500%
  • Recommended defend and respond tactics
  • A prediction for the future…

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“We are witnessing a change in the way cyber-criminals operate ransomware networks. We have seen SaaS models where someone can rent ransomware and the provider takes a portion of the ransom payment.”

“The best form of defence is not to prevent, but to minimise risk and prepare for any eventuality.”

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