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RSA Conf: SecurEnvoy demos 2FA with NFC OneSwipe

Date: Apr 22, 2015

Category: Blog

SecurEnvoy’s NFC tech could make your Apple Watch your password.

SecurEnvoy’s OneSwipe technology allows you to use a simple PIN/mobile device combination to unlock apps and login to sites on your computer, so there is no need to key in a long password.

At the moment the mobile device displays a one-time QR code on its screen, which can then be read by the computer’s webcam – but very soon SecurEnvoy promises to make the process even simpler with NFC.

Instead of pointing your phone at your laptop’s camera you will be able to simply enter a PIN then tap the two together to authenticate. You will, of course, need a PC with its own NFC chip for this to work.
Apple Watch image


Initially. SecurEnvoy is  bringing the NFC technology to Windows 10 phones, tablets and laptops – but other devices are on the horizon.

Android phones and tablets are getting the NFC flavour of OneSwipe later this year, as well as iOS devices if and when Apple opens up its NFC chips for third-party app use; and beyond that there are big plans for smartwatches, including the Apple Watch.



SecurEnvoy co-founder Andy Kemshall explains:

“Most smartwatches work on the basis of an extension of the app that runs on the corresponding smartphone, and SecurEnvoy will be leveraging these standard extensions to include the largest possible number of wearable devices. We’ll be leveraging a combination of NFC if the watch supports it, or a QR code displayed on the watch interface or a simple six digit code, again, pushed to the watch’s interface.”

NFC OneSwipe is currently in prototype, but is being demoed this week at the RSA conference, April 20 – 24, San Francisco.

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