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SATT for PKF International Member Firms

Stop IT End Users causing Security Incidents with Cyber Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT)

The SATT service stops your employees falling victim to today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks and unlocking access to your data and networks.

✔  Fully Managed Service – doesn’t add to your IT team work load
✔  Proven and guaranteed to stop employees causing security incidents
✔  Exclusive discounts for PKF member firms

Key Elements of the 12 month SATT Service

* Baseline all staff to see how at risk you currently are – initially 40% to 70% of staff are found to be a security risk.

* Online, video based cyber-security training for all employees (15 minutes delivered at their desks, available at their convenience). Training completion is tracked.

* Targeted program of simulated phishing emails to keep employees vigilant. This identifies anyone who is still a security risk.

* Immediate, remedial training for all ‘at risk’ employees.

* Comprehensive reporting, with drill-down data.

SATT is proven to change behaviour. Your staff will be informed, vigilant and empowered to help thwart cyber-attacks. They will become your human firewall.

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The cost to train all staff and keep them vigilant is significantly less than just one security incident.

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