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SATT plus GDPR Employee Awareness Training

Online employee GDPR and Security Awareness Training Services provide a cost-effective solution to help meet new data privacy requirements and
protect your organisation against targeted cyber attacks.

End User Security Awareness Training and Testing – the one small investment that has the biggest impact on improving cyber security protection.
Employee GDPR Awareness Training  – provides employees with the knowledge and skills they need to help keep your organisation compliant.

Security Awareness Training & Testing Service (SATT)

The SATT service is proven to actually change employee behaviour. Your IT end users will be informed, vigilant and empowered to help fight cyber attacks. They become your human firewall.

This is achieved by combining interactive, video-based training, delivered at the desktop, with simulated and tracked cyber attacks. You can then be assured that you are minimising the risk of human error unwittingly unlocking access to your data and networks.

Key Benefits:

  • Fully managed – takes up none of your time or resources, we run, create, chase, report everything for you.
  • Bespoke – Everything is created from scratch bespoke for your organisation. All targeted emails are real life scenarios.
  • The best available security awareness training videos – professional, easy to understand and suitable for all employees.
  • The cost is far less than one security incident will cost your organisation.
  • Ticks compliance boxes requiring security awareness training be provided to employees every 12 months.

Most importantly our service is proven and guaranteed to stop your end users from causing security incidents – which should be the main goal of running any security awareness program.

GDPR Awareness Training

Employees learn how to make the right decisions about the personal data they collect, hold and process. This will help your organisation avoid regulatory fines and preventable breaches by improving employee understanding of the new data privacy regulations.

Key Benefits:

  • Suitable for all employees – competitively priced
  • Everyone can understand and learn from the videos and resources
  • Professional content in plain non-technical language
  • Presented in an engaging and easy to understand way
  • Content refreshed annually for refresher training

The 12 month GDPR Awareness Training managed service provides unlimited access to all GDPR training resources.

SATT and GDPR training is UK-created, delivered at the desktop and suitable for all employees. Content is communicated using easy to understand videos, with quizzes and posters/infographics.

Most importantly, the SATT service also includes a 12 month program of customised test phishing emails to keep end users vigilant and cyber security aware.

All training and testing is delivered as a fully managed service. This means that getting staff trained does not add to your workload, and the cost is far less than you would expect.

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