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Scotland’s fire and rescue service selects Egress Switch to enable secure sharing of confidential information

Date: Oct 9, 2013

Category: News Archive

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service deploys market-leading email and file encryption solution to share confidential data with external agencies, including local authorities, health boards and private businesses.

Egress Software Technologies, the leading provider of email and file encryption solutions to blue light organisations, has announced the adoption of Egress Switch by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the sole provider of these services in Scotland.

Formed in April 2013, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service brings together Scotland’s previous eight fire and rescue services as a single organisation. The service’s 8,000 fire fighters attend more than 90,000 incidents throughout the country annually and are a key component of Scotland’s blue light community. As a result, effective collaboration and secure communication with a wide variety of external third parties is a key part of the service’s role – providing the highest level of life-saving services to their citizens.

Greg Aitken, ICT Operations Manager at Scottish Fire and Rescue, explained: “In order to raise awareness of necessary safety measures and reduce the number of incidents that our fire fighters attend, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service regularly engages with a range of external agencies, such as schools and community groups. In addition, the service also works closely with a variety of partners, including police and ambulance services, as well as local authorities, health boards and housing associations. Much of this work requires sharing sensitive information with these third parties, and consequently we required an encryption solution to protect this data.

“Egress Switch immediately demonstrated it could provide a cost-effective and intuitive solution to our data security needs,” Aitken states. “Although as a blue light organisation we ticked the compliance boxes that would allow us to access GCSX (UK Government Connect Secure Extranet), many of our partners are either on other Government accredited systems, such as the PNN or NHSmail, or don’t have access to them. This made it difficult for staff who needed to share confidential information with multiple organisations on different networks – or even with those who aren’t on a secured network at all.”

Aiken continued: “Switch makes secure communication between such varied groups much easier. By becoming a Switch user, organisations and individuals immediately become part of the Egress Trust Network and can start using the software to communicate securely from day one. What is more, Switch offers domain splitting functionality that means it can be configured to route and split messages based on the domain, so the user does not have to worry about which secure network recipients are on prior to sending a secure message.”

Read the full press release.

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