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SecurAccess Version 9 Demo

Something you know. Something you are. Something you own.

SecurAccess allows users to authenticate via a range of convenient options, including NFC ‘tap and go’, biometric fingerprint login, Push, SMS, smartphone apps, tablet apps, laptop apps and even QR codes.

Plus, newly launched SecurAccess version 9 includes additional and improved authentication options, such as support for the Yubikey hardware token and simplified “One-Tap” login via NFC.

SecurEnvoy patented the authentication equivalent of ‘tap and go’ using NFC technology, resulting in two factor authentication now being even quicker than passwords, both online and offline.

From logging into VPN, SSL, remote desktop, Wi-Fi and web, SecurAccess allows users to move identity between devices whilst prioritising security.

The solution can be implemented as an on premise software solution, or hosted as part of a manged service or in the cloud.

SecurAccess Version 9 will revolutionise the way you and your end-users view authentication.

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