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Secure Password Manager

Secure Self-Service Password Management

For any organisation, the number and complexity of passwords per user can easily become a serious drain on IT resources.

When passwords have to to be changed, the IT Help Desk can quickly become overwhelmed with confused, time-pressured users, who may have locked themselves out of the network.

SecurPassword from SecurEnvoy is a revolutionary new approach to secure self-service password management:

Easy to Use

* Password reset via tokenless two factor authentication
* Prove identity before resetting using existing personal devices
* Remote password reset via browser
* Local password reset at point of logon
* Notification of password expiry via SMS

Easy to Manage

* On premises software or hosted via managed provider
* Automatically deploy users via LDAP group membership
* Save 90% of on-going helpdesk based password resets
* Fixed yearly cost, pay per user, with no hidden extras

Enable users to securely handle basic password resets. Cut IT Help Desk costs.

For more information or to arrange a 30 day free trial – please contact [email protected]

Download the SecurPassword Product Sheet >>

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