Security Awareness Training

Fully Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training & Testing (SATT)

Fully Managed Security Awareness Training & Testing Service

Our guaranteed, web-based cyber security awareness training combined with frequent simulated phishing attacks, makes sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, website security, pop ups, adverts, malware, ransomware, social engineering and physical security.

This is a full managed service which requires virtually nothing from you or your team – all you have to do once you have placed the order is provide us a list of your users email addresses.

We create all the content, simulated attacks and track the results – all of which are reported on back to you.

Stop Security Incidents

As well as delivering the compliance and certification “tick in the box” the Infosec Cloud Managed Security Awareness Training service will actually go the furthest to stopping security incidents within your company.

*  Our phishing emails are customised to your individual company.
*  The end user training is the best available.

And, most importantly the regular tests we run actually bring about a culture change that makes all staff vigilant against modern cyber threats. This in turn stops them causing security incidents.

Key Features

* Phishing Security Tests, unlimited and on-demand
* Expert-led Training Videos on Security Awareness
* Professionally customised emails targeted at individuals and teams
* Scheduled and Random Cyber Attack Emails to End Users
* Individual End User Training and Testing Reports
* Targeted Remedial Training as needed
* Cyber Security Hints & Tips
* In-depth Reports/Statistics
* Full Management Reporting
* Optional End User Security Awareness Multiple Choice Quiz
* 60 day money back Guarantee

“We’ve recently started on the Infosec Cloud Security Awareness Training program – and now have over 700 extra people on our security team!”

“The training videos are great – I learned something myself!!”

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“The training modules cover all important aspects of risk. Overall our security awareness has significantly increased and continues to do so as a direct result of the service Infosec Cloud is providing.”

“The simulated phishing has been very effective and we were somewhat alarmed by the number of employees that clicked on the email link prior to training. This information was presented back to the staff in a statistical format, not naming names and the impact the trial had was very positive and significantly increased the buy-in and awareness of the staff.”

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Keep Security Front of Mind

1. We phish test everyone and then report back.
2. Everyone receives training (either 15 or 40 min).
3. We continue to send various proactive test attacks over 12 months to ensure the training has taken effect.
4. Anyone who continues to be a threat receives further training until they are no longer vulnerable.

SATT Phish Prone Graph Feb 2016

Download the Security Awareness Training Brochure >>

Q. How much of a security risk are your employees?
Baseline your staff with an organisation-wide phishing security test.
Q. How can you stop end users causing security incidents?
Remedy with our fully managed security awareness training and testing program.
Q. How can you change end user behaviour to remain vigilant and cyber security aware?
Reinforce with ongoing simulated phishing emails and focused additional training.
Q. How can I manage this program in addition to my ‘day job’?
We’ll set everything up, run the training & testing and provide full reporting.
Q. What is the 60 day Guarantee?
If we do not reduce your employees’ susceptibility to phishing attacks within 60 days then we will refund 100% of your investment. Read more >>

It is no longer a question of if you will have a security incident but when!

Infosec Cloud Recommendations

* Run regular Security Awareness Training
* Reinforce with random, test Phishing Emails
* Review Corporate Policies – Acceptable User Behaviour
* Deploy Layered Security Solution

Find out how to keep your employees secure: email [email protected] or call 01256 379970

SATT is delivered by the Infosec Cloud Cyber Security Awareness Team.

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