Security Awareness Training

Fully Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training & Testing (SATT)

SATT Certification

Achieving Cyber Security Awareness Training & Testing (SATT) Certification for your organisation has a number of key benefits.

The SATT program:

*    Protects your employees
*    Protects your organisation
*    Reassures your business partners

SATT Certification requires all employees within the organisation to participate in regular and tracked:

*    Security Awareness Training
*    Simulated Cyber Security Attacks
*    Remedial Training as Required

Employees will understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, website security, pop ups, adverts, malware, ransomware, social engineering, mobile devices, public Wi-Fi and physical security.

Infosec Cloud will grant SATT Certification to all organisations that have actively followed the Cyber Security Awareness Training and Testing program for a minimum of six consecutive months.

SATT Certification can be promoted by the grantee by displaying the program logo as authorised by Infosec Cloud.


CSA SATT Certified Logo


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