Security Awareness Training

Fully Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training & Testing (SATT)

Security Awareness Training Demo

High quality, fully managed, web-based interactive security awareness training combined with frequent simulated phishing attacks, live demonstration videos and short tests.

Ensures employees understand the mechanisms of:

✓ Spam
✓ Phishing
✓ Spear Phishing
✓ Website Security
✓ Pop ups
✓ Adverts
✓ Malware
✓ Ransomware
✓ Social engineering
✓ Physical security

39% of employees admit to opening emails that they suspected might be fraudulent or contain malware.

Trackable and measurable IT security awareness training service that is cost-effective, requires a relatively short amount of employee time (at their desks), and is suited to organisations of all sizes.

All delivered by industry experts in IT security and training.

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Don’t let your users put your organisation at risk!

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