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Security Awareness Training

Fully Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training & Testing (SATT)

Security Awareness Training – Free Guides

Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT) programs reinforced by frequent simulated, random cyber attacks help companies create cultural change and build a human firewall.

One significant data breach can lead to lost jobs, substantial legal costs, non-compliance penalties, loss of brand reputation, customer loss, and a catastrophic hit on the bottom line.

You only need to read the latest news to see why it is imperative that you take action today to protect your company and your employees.

Your IT Users will understand the mechanisms of:

  • ✓ Spam
  • ✓ Spear Phishing
  • ✓ Pop ups
  • ✓ Malware
  • ✓ Social engineering
  • ✓ Phishing
  • ✓ Website Security
  • ✓ Adverts
  • ✓ Ransomware
  • ✓ Physical security

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Read our free guides to find out why every company needs to invest immediately in results-driven security awareness training for all employees – from the CEO down…

Essential Guide to SATT
Legal Sector Guide to SATT
SATT by Numbers

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