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Stop Ransomware

Choose Active - Not Reactive Protection

Stop Ransomware

With Active Protection

The key to beating ransomware is to actively stop any potential attacks – not rely on reacting after the event.

Once your organisation is infected, it may already be too late.

And the best way to prevent an infection is not to rely on just one solution, but to use multiple, layered solutions for the best possible protection.

We recommend a to-pronged approach of organisation-wide Security awareness Training and Testing, and the latest Next Generation Endpoint Protection. These two complementary services actively stop ransomware with little or no demands on the IT Team’s time.

Of course, in the event of a catastrophic attack, it is essential to have your data safely backed up. We recommend using one of the many secure cloud-based storage services.

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Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT)

Every day, your employees are exposed to phishing and sophisticated social engineering attacks. One ‘mistaken’ click can quickly open up your organisation to an expensive and possibly catastrophic ransomware attack. To remedy this problem, we offer a structured, proven program of training and testing.

As your end users pose the biggest risk to your company’s IT security, infrastructure, finances and reputation, SATT is required in addition to your technology-based IT security measures.

Here is how it works:

Baseline Testing – We send a targeted phishing email to all of your users. And report back how many compromise your security (typically 40 to 70%)

Train Your Users – Everyone receives 15 minute interactive desk-based training.

Phish Your Users – We continue to send various proactive test attacks over 12 months to keep your users vigilant, so they apply the training and remain alert.

Identify and Remedy Vulnerable Users – Anyone who continues to be a threat receives additional in-depth training until they are no longer a threat to your security.

See the Results – Enterprise-strength reporting. Both high level and granular stats and graphs for management reports.

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With guaranteed results, our fully managed service means there are no extra demands on your time.

Next Generation Endpoint Protection (NGEP)

In the rush to protect against attacks, the security industry has become stuck in an unbeatable cycle of viruses. Vendors develop new solutions and cyber criminals find ways to defeat them

The industry then designs another solution. It too is attacked and bypassed. And the detect and respond cycle goes on.

Plus for the most part, detection is only possible after infection. Which is too late.

Not only are these solutions ineffective, but in preparing for the next attack, they blindly log so much data that additional resources are needed to manage it.

Rather than seeking to stop another breach, the solutions simply allow firm to better recover.

CylancePROTECT is changing all that.

Instead of waiting for malware to execute in your endpoints, Cylance’s intelligent, machine learning engine identifies and defuses the suspect files before they can execute.

This not only protects your organisation , but eliminates resource-heavy remedial action – so it costs you less too.

CylancePROTECT provides proven pro-active protection against advanced persistent attacks, zero-day malware, and systems and e memory based attacks.

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Current antivirus software no longer protects your organisation.

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