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Is 802.11ac Wave 2 the answer?

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    Webinar: Cloud & SDN: What It Means For Your Wi-Fi

    Are you reviewing, expanding or rolling out Wi-Fi in 2016? The rapid evolution of networking solutions and the impact of macro technology trends makes future-proofing your investment more complex than ever.

    With hype around Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Cloud reaching tipping point, what impact do these technologies have on the future design, deployment, and support of your wireless LAN infrastructure?

    Join this session to explore the possibilities and chart Wi-Fi’s evolutionary path to determine where best to place your bets in 2016 and beyond. Learn:

    The webinar will cover:

    1. * Wi-Fi should behave just like your favourite scalable cloud services
    2. * New virtual ways to manage devices, services and capacity – from anywhere in the world
    3. * How to lower the budgetary point of entry and reduce ongoing costs with flexible networking, services and apps
    4. * The critical capabilities to look for when investing in the next wave of technology

    Join this webinar and receive a free Aerohive 802.11ac Access Point, subject to the qualification criteria.

    45 minutes with Q&A

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    Mathew Edwards

    Mathew Edwards
    Product Marketing Manager,
    Aerohive Networks

    Webinar: Is 802.11ac Wave 2 the answer?

    Wi-Fi Performance Planning 2016-2020

    125 billion network-connected devices are expected by 2020, with the vast majority utilising Wi-Fi as the primary access medium.

    802.11ac Wave 2 is the latest standard, pushing your network even further beyond the Gigabit speed barrier, but is investing in the latest technology all that is needed to maximise performance?

    Join this webinar to hear from industry experts on what really matters for your network design, and learn how to decipher the marketing hype vs. reality:

    *  How to plan for today’s high density environments that demand speed, scale, and resiliency
    *  The evolution of Wi-Fi, from controllers to cloud and the impact on your network design
    *  Wave ‘2.0’ adoption lessons and roadmaps
    *  Redefine the meaning of fast Wi-Fi with smoother onboarding, less downtime, and quicker ROI

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    Duration: 45 minutes with Q&A

    PLUS Qualified Attendees will Receive a FREE Aerohive AP with a HiveManager Online account –  valid for 3 years, with no obligation.
    Check the qualification criteria >>

    If you cannot attend the webinar, but would like to find out more – see our WLAN webpage:
    Or email: [email protected]. Call 01256 379970.


    Aerohive Webinar: Fast WiFi — Measuring More Than Gbps

    802.11ac is propelling WiFi beyond the Gigabit barrier, and ensuring that organizations have sufficient bandwidth to cope with the tidal wave of corporate, personal, guest, and IoT devices flooding onto the network.

    In 2015, speed is important, but organizations are starting to measure performance of Wi-Fi solutions from a different point of view.

    Join this webinar to learn how to evaluate and measure the success of your mobile users, devices, applications and organization.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    *  How to quickly onboard BYOD, guest and IoT devices
    *  How to prepare a redundant infrastructure, and quickly recover from issues
    *  Utilizing the cloud for rapid deployment, visibility and support

    The webinar is for IT professionals looking to learn, implement or expand wireless networks in their organization.

    Webinar details:

    • Date: Thursday 9 July 2015
    • Time: 11:00  BST
    • Duration: 45 minutes with Q&A


    * Free (802.11ac) Access Point offer:
    Qualified attendees will receive a Free Access Point as per the qualification criteria available on the registration page.