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Druva integrates with Office 365

Today’s increasingly mobile enterprise has resulted in a loss of data control. Data on laptops and smart phones as well as within multiple cloud applications translates to increased risk of company data loss and the inability to track, hold or monitor data for regulatory compliance and legal obligations.

However Druva, with its new Microsoft Office 365 integration, offers a unique, centralised conduit for managing this dispersed data that allows enterprises to adhere to their data availability and corporate governance policies.

Druva’s integration with Office 365 includes the following features/capabilities:

*  Merges data sources and activity feeds to provide a holistic view of end-user data and audit trails across devices and Office 365
*  Allows companies to place legal holds on a broad range of data, reducing the amount of time that IT personnel spend manually collecting and managing data
*  Provides federated search across endpoint and Office 365 data, identifying files, users, devices, and storage locations of any file for compliance and legal needs, such as legal holds
*  Delivers a consolidated view of both endpoint and cloud-based data to help with regulations (HIPAA, SOX) and company policies

This is the industry’s first solution to combine user data across laptops, mobile and cloud applications enables enterprises to non-intrusively follow users’ data wherever it resides, rather than be tied to a solitary device.

Druva, starting with its Office 365 integration, is opening its data collection capabilities to a wider set of cloud data sources. By extending its top-rated and proven endpoint model to the cloud, enterprises achieve centralised management and control over their users’ data, ensuring both end-user productivity and corporate governance needs are met wherever the data is located.

Combining these new data sources with Druva’s established capabilities for data availability – backup, restore, archival and share – and governance – compliance, search and audit and legal holds/eDiscovery – within a single platform streamlines IT management processes while reducing overall corporate data risks. For example, an organisation with a litigation matter can place a legal hold on multiple sources of end-user data and manage the process centrally.

Druva’s unique approach gives organisations the ability to follow users’ data rather than the device on which it resides, allowing a holistic way to ensure data availability and governance.

Click here to watch a short video explaining how Druva inSync works >>

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