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Cyber Security Awareness Training ‘Highly Commended’ at British Legal Awards

The Infosec Cloud Cyber Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT) managed service has been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at the recent British Legal Awards. Receiving this recognition, within the the Supplier of the Year (Technology) category, is further endorsement of the effectiveness of the company’s service to stop IT End Users causing security incidents.

Organised by ‘Legal Week’, the awards were judged by an independent panel of judges comprising senior in-house lawyers, former managing and senior partners and other senior business figures.

Holding high value information and financial details, Legal Practices and Partnerships are particular targets for cyber criminals. Plus Firms have a high proportion of senior staff members who may be reluctant to follow corporate security procedures, and staff are under increasing time and workload pressures, making them even more vulnerable to today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks.

To help the legal sector protect their data, clients and reputation, and following an in-depth market evaluation, Infosec Cloud developed their own fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT) service. The service was launched in 2014.

Today, nearly 80,000 IT End Users, across the UK, are enrolled on the Infosec Cloud SATT service. Legal customers include many of the top 200 law firms and all grade the service as ‘meets or exceeds expectations’ (quarterly satisfaction survey). The SATT service is applicable to organisations of all sizes, whether national or regional, plus the company is working with both LEXCEL assessors and Law Firm Networks.

Commenting on the awards, Infosec Cloud Managing Director, Pete Sherwood says: “This is great recognition for the service we have developed and the value it is providing to the Legal Sector in terms of keeping Firms and Partnerships cyber safe”.

Security awareness training is not new, however the way that it is delivered, tracked and kept front of mind by Infosec Cloud is new. The SATT service comprises both training and ongoing testing with focused remedial training. The company has invested in a dedicated SATT team that researches, builds and tracks the simulated cyber-attacks, with bespoke content created for each customer.

The SATT service is fully managed so that there are no additional time requirements for the IT team. Plus as an ‘independent’ third party, Infosec Cloud ensures all staff, regardless of seniority, are included.

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The British Legal Awards serve as a showcase for the achievements of one of the country’s most successful sectors. Hosted by Legal Week in association with The City of London Law Society, the glittering awards ceremony was attended by 1,000 lawyers, representing the cream of the UK’s legal community. The ceremony took place on Thursday 30 November at Finsbury Square, London EC2.

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    Defending Law Firms from Cyber-attack Conference 10 May: Manchester

    With the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey estimating that 90% of corporations having experienced a cyber security breach in the last year, cybercrime is a national scale problem that requires immediate action.

    Cybercrime costs the UK around £27 billion every year and although some government action has been taken to stem this financial haemorrhage, it remains a growing threat.

    Law firms are particularly vulnerable to this criminal activity, as they often deal with the kind of sensitive information targeted by fraudsters.

    For this reason, businesses must take measures to protect themselves, safeguarding their digital infrastructure with appropriate software and staff training.

    Attend the Defending Law Firms from Cyber-attack Conference, where high level speakers from government, Law and cyber security will be presenting their views on how to defend law firms from cyber-attack. Topics covered shall include the threat cybercrime poses to law firms, why law firms are particularly at risk and how law firms can protect themselves from attack.

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    In the meantime – find out why more and more law firms are choosing the Infosec Cloud fully managed End User Security Awareness Training service.

    Our guaranteed, web-based interactive security awareness training combined with frequent simulated phishing attacks, live demonstration videos and short tests makes sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, website security, pop ups, adverts, malware, ransomware, social engineering and physical security.

    This is a full managed service which requires virtually nothing from you or your team – all you have to do once you have placed the order is provide us a list of your users email addresses.

    We create all the content, simulated attacks and track the results – all of which are reported on back to you. And all for less than £1/user/month.

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    Security Awareness Training Guarantee Announced

    Infosec Cloud has launched a unique 60 day money back guarantee for new Security Awareness Training and Testing customers. The company is 100% confident that their service significantly reduces the risk of organisations becoming victims of phishing attacks.

    The guarantee states:

    “If we do not reduce your employees’ susceptibility to phishing attacks within 60 days then we will refund 100% of your investment.”

    The Security Awareness Training and Testing service starts with a company-wide baseline Phishing Security Test which measures the percentage of end users that are Phish-prone. The next step is to provide all employees with Security Awareness Training. This is delivered at the desktop and can be started and paused as required by the user. Infosec Cloud tracks who has completed the training.

    After the initial company-wide training, Infosec Cloud’s highly effective monthly Phishing Security Tests keep employees on their toes. Employees who fall for the attacks receive instant remedial online training.

    End Users understand the mechanisms of:

    • ✓ Spam
    • ✓ Spear Phishing
    • ✓ Pop ups
    • ✓ Malware
    • ✓ Social engineering
    • ✓ Phishing
    • ✓ Website Security
    • ✓ Adverts
    • ✓ Ransomware
    • ✓ Physical security


    Pete Sherwood, MD, Infosec Cloud commented: “We decided to launch this unique guarantee after reviewing the results from our existing customers’ accounts. We are consistently achieving significant reductions in the level of our customers’ end users’ phish-prone levels. Our service certainly seems to be working.”

    The company’s web-based interactive security awareness training is combined with frequent simulated phishing attacks, live demonstration videos and short tests. The service is proven to ensure employees remain vigilant and informed.

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