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Legal firms hold sensitive information of their own and their clients, with their reputation reliant on keeping this information secure and confidential. However this same information needs to be regularly accessed – often remotely – and shared with colleagues and clients.

From a security perspective it is critical that this information is protected against unauthorised access, both at rest and in transit. However from a business perspective it is essential that this same information is readily accessible to enable efficient working practices.

Legal firms are finding that two key security services are helping them meet these two disparate challenges:

1. SecurAccess tokenless two factor authentication – Mobile phone based strong authentication for VPN, SSL, Remote Desktop, WiFi, web portals, laptop encryption and other solutions

2. Egress Switch secure information exchange –  Firm wide secure encryption and complete confidentiality when sharing client information, including large file transfer

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Passwords are simply not strong enough to protect information. Legal firms are adopting Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to provide the strength of security needed to enable secure remote access. 2FA requires not only a password and username but also something that the user, and only that user, has on them, i.e. a piece of information only they should know or have immediately to hand – such as a physical token.

The downside to this security process is that new hardware tokens (in the form of key fobs or card readers) need to be ordered, issued and replaced – quite a management task. The tokens are also usually small and easily lost. SecurEnvoy has resolved this problem by offering SecurAccess tokenless 2FA which is faster, quicker and cheaper to set up and maintain than physical tokens, and leverages something the user already has, such as their mobile phone, to act as their authentication token.

Users simply choose any of their personal devices to act as their token. Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even a desk phone; users are able to seamlessly and securely move their identity between devices.

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“McCann FitzGerald felt the most practical way to strengthen security around the remote access solution was to introduce two factor authentication using mobile phone technology as this technology was familiar to the user population and reduced deployment/training costs. Securenvoy was selected as our preferred option because of its ease of use at the back end and its integration with our AD platform.”

Egress Switch

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of cloud-based email and file encryption software, offering innovative on-demand data security to enable legal firms to share confidential information with third parties via secure file transfer software.

Egress Switch enables you to:

*  Secure the information you send where ever it is going
*  Control what recipients do with this information
*  Revoke access to information if it is sent to the wrong recipient
*  No need for multiple password or encryption keys
*  FREE for recipients to use when replying to a secure email
*  Provide a full audit trail of what emails have been sent

Egress products deliver ground breaking real-time control and instant file tracking, carefully implemented to ensure that security is seamlessly built into end users’ daily workflow. Offered as a fully managed service or as a private cloud infrastructure, Egress products and services reduce the risk associated with sharing confidential information by enforcing comprehensive policy and audit requirements centrally, without the need for costly infrastructure or end user training.

 Click here to watch a short video to see how Egress Switch works.

“Ward Hadaway found one of the more unexpected but important benefits of Egress Switch was the unique system functionality that allows the recipient (client) of an encrypted email to communicate securely back to the sender completely free of charge. This means that all Ward Hadaway clients get the added benefit of proactively using the system for free.”

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