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Think Money Group selects Egress Switch to share confidential data

Date: Jan 13, 2014

Category: News Archive

Egress Software Technologies has announced the selection of its market-leading email and file encryption solution by financial services provider Think Money Group.

A Sunday Times Top 100 Best Company to Work For, Think Money Group is a fast-growing provider of financial services in the UK, offering an innovative alternative to bank current accounts, debt advice and solutions, and life and general insurance, as well as mortgages and secured loans. Continually seeking to improve business processes, the company identified security and efficiency issues with their mechanisms for sharing confidential information with a range of third parties, including banks, industry partners and customers.

Offering real-time auditing, as well as date and time restrictions and the ability to revoke access to secure packages, Egress Switch enables users to remain in control of the information they share. Not only does this functionality improve data security, but provided as a one-click solution, Switch also benefits workplace efficiency.

Commenting on the announcement, Egress UK Sales Manager Kelly McCann stated: “We are delighted that Think Money Group has chosen Egress Switch to fulfil their information and data encryption requirements. We recognise that, as a leading financial services provider, Think Money Group needs to protect and control the highly sensitive information they share with external third parties.

Egress Switch not only offers this end-to-end information security and assurance, but also enables them to enhance efficiency and cost savings by moving away from post and fax as a form of communication. Most importantly, Think Money Group is now protecting the integrity of their customers’ information, as well as protecting themselves from data breaches and reputational damage.

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