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SecurICE – Emergency 2FA

For disaster recovery and business continuity

In the event of an emergency, many organisations allow remote users to authenticate with a standard password. But this is when the need for secured access is at its highest – during emergency situations corporate defences are at their weakest and the threat from attack at its greatest.

SecurICE from SecurEnvoy is a revolutionary approach to the age-old problem of providing secure access to corporate systems in the event of an emergency – without the need for fobs, tokens or smartcards.

With SecurICE you can turn on strong, multi factor authentication for users in the event of an emergency.

The user’s existing Microsoft password is the first factor, and a passcode sent to the user’s mobile phone is the second. There is no need for the user to enrol and remember an additional PIN, and no need for extra tokens or smartcards – the perfect emergency two-factor authentication system.

SecurICE Overview Video

Download the SecurICE datasheet >>


* Rapidly deploy two factor authentication in an emergency
* Keep users informed with status updates
* Provide users with instructions of what to do during an emergency
* Users are free to select their preferred authentication
* Enhance your business continuity strategy

Authentication Options

SMS: Pre-Load, Real-Time Flash, 3 Codes or Periodic
Smart Phone Soft Token: Android, Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft
OneSwipe: Log-in via QR scan
Desktop Soft Token: PC or Mac
Voice Call: Mobile or Landline
Email: Pre-Load, Real-Time, 3 Codes or Periodic

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