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USA Tokenless Authentication

From Elite SecurEnvoy Reseller

SecurEnvoy is the trusted global leader of tokenless® two-factor authentication – and is now available in the USA.

This innovative approach to the tokenless market now sees thousands of users benefitting from SecurEnvoy’s solutions around the world.

See how easy tokenless authentication is to use:

SecurEnvoy customers benefit from a significantly reduced time to deploy and a zero footprint approach. There is no remote software deployment and administrators can use the management tools to rapidly deploy up to 15000 users per hour

Infosec Cloud is an elite SecurEnvoy reseller partner and is now providing SecurEnvoy solutions to our customers in the USA.

Contact us by email to arrange a 30 minute educational webex. This is an interactive technical demonstration – call us on (305) 423 7020 or  email us now.

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Now you can authenticate with two factors (2FA), without the need for a hardware token.

100% successful SMS passcode delivery


*  On premise software or hosted via Infosec Cloud
*  Use your phone or device as the authenticator
*  Easiest 2FA logon experience in the industry
*  Automatically deploy users via LDAP group membership
*  Deployment can scale to 100,000 users per hour
*  Fixed yearly cost, pay per user, with no hidden extras
*  Putting the user in control, migrate your own phones/devices.
*  Halve your cost of tradition hardware token alternatives
*  Reutilize existing AD (LDAP) database.
*  Widest variety of tokenless types

Other delivery options:

*  Real Time SMS Passcodes sent on-demand and session locked
*  Passcodes can be sent via secure email
*  Customized Soft Token Apps
*  Voice Call with passcodes entered in the phones keypad to session lock the voice network with the Internet

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