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Verizon: Enterprises fail to protect against phishing

Date: Apr 27, 2016

Category: Blog

The ninth annual Verizon Data Breach Report has bad news on multiple fronts, including click-through rates on phishing messages, how long it takes companies to detect breaches, and even whether companies spot the breaches at all.

Phishing emails continued to be a primary starting point for attacks, said Bryan Sartin, executive director, global security services at Verizon.

The number of phishing email messages that were opened hit 30% in this year’s report, up from 23% last year.

In addition, 12% of users don’t just open the email but open the attachment as well, while 11% follow links in the email to online forms where they then input sensitive data such as login credentials.

The vast majority of the attacks (89%) were by financially-motivated crime syndicates, and 9% by state-affiliated actors.

Also interesting is how phishing fits into the larger pattern of stealing credentials:

Verizon DBIR Report 2016 phishing

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