Learn how to protect confidential data in a single click and remain in control wherever it resides.

Held every Wednesday at 2.30pm for 25 minutes.

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Don’t just hear about Switch. See it in action

Egress Switch is now the market leader in security software that enables individuals and businesses to share information securely. Using powerful and innovative technology carefully delivered to guarantee end user adoption, Egress Switch makes sharing confidential data easy – while also offering complete control at all times. Why not sign up for a free 20 minute introductory webcast and see for yourself?

What is covered in the webinar?

Sending Secure Emails:

  • Simple, automatic operation protects email without changing the user experience.
  • Secure both internal and external email unlike server based encryption products.
  • Track and audit any secure email on any system
  • Remain in control of emails after they have been sent with the ability to grant & revoke access in real-time
  • Mandatory delivery reports ensure guaranteed delivery of secure information

Securing Large File Uploads:

  • Supports large file transfer via FTP(s), HTTP(s) and cloud storage
  • Automatic compression of encrypted data prior to upload
  • Transfer manager provides end to end secure collaboration with built-in file recovery
  • Detailed auditing of package creation and recipient activity
  • Command line API for customised workflow integration

If you would prefer an individual demonstration of Egress Switch, please contact us: [email protected]