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Why the Academy of Contemporary Music relies on the Barracuda Data Backup Service

Date: Apr 3, 2013

Category: Blog

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By Christine Barry – Chief Blogger
Barracuda Networks.

Check out this video from the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) where the IT Manager discusses the value of the Barracuda Backup Service in his educational environment.

Click through to see the video

This give me an opportunity to talk about backing up data. Lots of data. Gigs and Gigs of data.

Schools, colleges and universities are using multimedia to present information that used to be delivered via chalk, pencil, and paper. Teachers are creating SmartBoard lectures and classroom videos and Students are creating videos and slideshows. Many schools use internal videos and podcasts servers to present curriculum in a new way. And we haven’t even touched on CAD files or yearbook pictures.

Although storage is getting cheaper, the need for storage continues to increase. Schools have started to encourage students to retain their entire body of work through graduation, making it likely that kids who have started school in the last few years will graduate with 12 years of student work in their school home drive. At the very least these students will have this work through each school, and possibly purge only when they hit a new level such as secondary school and college.

There’s certainly good reason to continue the technology and multimedia push; there are many benefits from the educators’ and students’ perspectives. By now all of the school IT professionals have hopefully embraced the fact that most learning is going to be IT assisted, which means three things to the school tech: connectivity, storage, and backup.

Visit our Barracuda Backup Service page.

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