Simpli-Fi Enterprise Networking

Experience first-hand the full feature set of an Aerohive Access Point.

The webinar is for IT professionals looking to learn, implement or expand wireless networks in their organisation.The two main concerns organisations have today with WiFi are Security and the Management of on-boarding users and devices.

Organisations want access to the Wi-Fi with simplified on-boarding mechanisms that don’t threaten security, provide enhanced visibility and control, powerful role-based policies, and a centralised management platform that let’s them know exactly how their network is being used.

Join this webinar to learn:

*  Wi-Fi security measures beyond authentication
*  How to easily define security policies for corporate, BYOD, guest, and IoT users and devices
*  What role the cloud plays in the management of your Wi-Fi devices


* Free (802.11ac) Access Point offer:
Qualified attendees will receive a Free Access Point. See Qualification Rules.