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Your CEO Just Lost Their Laptop – Now What?

Losing a laptop can be a nerve-racking experience for anyone in the organisation, but especially for your top executives who are immediately impacted by productivity loss. IT can often spend hours or days working to replace not only the device, but also the crucial documents and settings to minimise downtime.

To make matters worse, in the case of a stolen device, concerns over a possible data breach of confidential information are a real risk.

Recent studies have shown that as the workforce becomes more mobile, losing endpoint devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) is extremely commonplace, and for IT teams, protecting confidential data and fast provisioning of new devices has become a critical need.

Our partner Druva has produced a 30-minute on-demand webinar – find out:

*  How to return the CEO to full productivity within minutes
*  Why basic data backup is not enough, and why you need a more comprehensive solution
*  How Druva solves the problem with just a few clicks


If you’d like to find out more about Druva Insync, please click here:

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Original Broadcast Date: Thursday, October 23th, 2014

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